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DELSA Shotfirers have extensive experience across a broad range of blasting projects and are suitably licensed for surface mining and quarrying,  construction, tunnelling and demolition blasting. DELSA Shotfirers are expert users of numerous electronic initiation systems including Davey Bickford’s Daveytronic SP, and Orica’s i-kon, uni tronic and eDev systems. The practical knowledge and hands-on experience of DELSA's Shotfirers enables them to efficiently manage on-bench operations and safely execute blasts in the most challenging environments.



DELSA operates the industry-leading Carlson Quarryman Pro 3D laser scanner to generate accurate and highly-detailed three-dimensional models of blast faces and other site features. The Quarryman Pro enables accurate measurement of face profiles, bench heights, floor levels, slope angles and burdens. This data is critical for designing a blast that is optimised for the rock mass and achieves the desired blast outcomes.


Similarly, the Quarryman Pro takes the work out of stockpile and volumetric surveys facilitating rapid turn-around of data without the requirement for guesswork.



Blasthole deviation is a fundamental cause of poor blast outcomes; whether it be poor fragmentation and oversize, damaging vibration, excessive airblast or worse – dangerous flyrock.


Using the latest Carlson Boretrak® blast hole deviation survey equipment, DELSA can accurately survey blastholes to determine actual values of hole depth, hole angle and orientation. When combined with DELSA’s Laser Face Profiling service, Boretrak data enables accurate calculation of actual face burdens thus enabling identification of light or heavy burdens that may lead to damaging blast outcomes such as airblast and flyrock.



DELSA hold a Licence to Transport Explosives and can deliver explosives in Category 2 quantities in single or mixed load configurations. Mixed loads of detonators and high explosives can be transported on our dedicated Shotfirer trailer available for wet or dry hire with plenty of compartment space for up to 250kg of packaged explosive. 

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