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Explosives legislation dictates that all blasting shall be conducted in accordance with a documented Blast Management Plan that has been written by an experienced and competent person. Further, the use of explosives on a construction or demolition site is deemed to be a High Risk Construction Activity for which Safe Work Method Statements must be prepared. DELSA has significant experience creating Blast Management Plans and Safe Work Method Statements that satisfy the requirements of Australian Standard 2187 and the relevant state explosives legislation.


DELSA blasting engineers have over 15 years of drill and blast design experience with a particular focus on quarrying and civil construction applications. This includes both surface and underground applications using a suite of products and initiation systems including non-electric and electronic.

DELSA engineers have significant experience designing blasts in built-up areas that require strict controls on vibration and flyrock. Designs can incorporate some or all of the following:  

  • Drill plans

  • Load plans

  • Tie-up plans

  • Cover plans

  • Monitoring plans

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 4.15.10 pm.png


Blasting in sensitive locations requires a controlled approach to ensure the effective management of environmental factors such as vibration and airblast.

DELSA can work with existing site data to produce site-specific models of vibration and airblast. Where no such data is available, DELSA can conduct a Site Law Assessment whereby seismic charges are detonated in the host material to accurately determine the vibration transmission characteristics of the site. This enables creation of a site-specific prediction equation that can be used to design future blasts with greater confidence of achieving the desired outcome whilst maintaining compliance.

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