384 medium combo unit

The 384 – Medium combo unit is ergonomically designed and comfortable, thanks also to the easy access through the convenient full-height door. With its built-in seat you can relax as much as you want, whenever you want. With the plinth kit, you can install the 384  above the floor, avoiding any drilling to recess the drain system. And now it is even more versatile: in the “centre of the wall” version, it can also be installed with just one side against the wall, so it can fit in any bathroom environment.



170 x 70 cm


White Acrylic

Choosing a Combo unit means not having to relinquish anything. We accommodate various requirements in a single solution, which is dynamic, ergonomically-designed, functional and smart. But most of all it is safe: crash tests performed on the full-height door have demonstrated the solidity of this product. Every combi unit can be decorated to suit any style. It can accommodate various spatial requirements. Practical pampering to satisfy the needs of all the family

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