Hot tub Seaside T08

Giovanna Talocci is behind the simple yet striking design of Seaside for the bathroom, a  bathtub with generously proportioned surfaces concealing a host of enjoyable features, such as the  water blade outlet and the concealed taps. The well-being functions afford the utmost versatility, to accommodate all  your comfort requirements. The bathtub is available in the version without whirlpool or with blower, the light  air jets that caress the skin. And now it also features the extraordinary Hydroline, the invisible whirlpool  that replaces the classic nozzles with thin minimalist slits. Hydroline is also Hydrosonic, the beneficial effects of which reach deep down owing to the combined action of ultrasound. In addition, with  Cromoexperience, the water lights up with the colours of the rainbow. Seaside with Hydroline is simply perfect for you to relax in.



Bathtub Size

190 x 150 cm

Bathtub Surface



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